Important Information about Waitomo District Council Infrastructure

Update as at 13 October 2017

Storm Damage - Road Network


WDC's Contractor Inframax Construction Limited has completed repairs to a number of areas of our roading network as a result of the recent weather conditions.  All the over slips have been addressed. Some of the more significant overslips that took place were:


  • Landslip on Mangaokewa Road at RP 7.6. This was cleared the day following the slip and the road is now fully reinstated.
  • Allen Road.
  • Pomarangi Road.
  • Tumutumu Road.
  • Walker Road.
  • Ohura Road.

Roads that require additional work are:

  • Mangatoa Road – Underslip
  • Marakopa Road RP0.3 – The culvert failed and will need to be upgraded.
  • Taharoa Road RP0.7, 1.84, 2.84. – All three of these locations have sustained culvert and drainage damages. 

Report flooding and service issues to WDC on 0800 932 4357. WDC’s Roading Contractor is working to reinstate the local road network as soon as practicable. Drivers may encounter road works at affected sites. People are urged to pay attention to the road signs when moving through a road works site. 

Te Kuiti Water Supply

A massive landslip has occurred across the Mangaokewa River upstream of the  Te Kuiti township.  

The Te Kuiti Water Treatment Plant takes water from the river. It is producing drinking water to the required health standard. 

Additional treatment is required for the high levels of silt in the river water. Some users might notice that the aesthetic qualities of the water may be different to the usual water production. It is expected that normal treatment processes be reinstated as the river conditions return to normal.

Te Kuiti water supply is no longer on water conservation level 1

If you have concerns regarding the water supply, please contact WDC on 0800 932 4357. Council’s after hours service is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Important Information about Waitomo District Council Infrastructure