Emergency Management

Council provides an Emergency Management response capacity over a range of functions, including Civil Defence and Rural Fire.

Emergencies can occur through natural disaster events in New Zealand, such as flooding or earthquakes, which have the potential to disrupt transport on local roads, state highways and the rail system and possibly affecting the Country as a whole. Emergency Management has National and Regional benefits, in that this service provides for the safety and general well-being of the Waitomo District Community under a national Civil Defence and Emergency Management network.

In the event of a natural disaster, Council must not only react to the immediate emergency to counteract any immediate effect of a disaster, but must also manage for the medium and long term recovery of the District to help residents return to living their lives, as normally as is possible, after an emergency.

The Rural Fire Service provides security to both public and private rural property owners in the Waitomo District, by ensuring that emergency preparation plans are in place for rural fire events and reducing the risk of widespread damage to forestry or farm property which could result in a negative economic impact on the Waitomo District Community as a whole.

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Emergency Management