Animal and Dog Control

Council provides an Animal and Dog Control Service for the Waitomo District Community and is required to carry out specific statutory responsibilities as set out by the legislation. The Dog Control Act 1996 requires all dogs over 3 months old to be registered with WDC every year by 1 July. 

Animal Control involves the licencing of dogs, the promotion of responsible animal ownership, animal welfare, management and control, and the control of wandering stock. 

The benefit to the community comes from the provision of general public advice, education, visits to schools and the prevention of harm to the members of the community through the identification of menacing or dangerous dogs and the associated prosecution of irresponsible dog owners.

Registation fees take into account the cost of providing dog control services in the District and the balance between dog owners bearing the costs of dog control and the benefits to ratepayers of having safe and well controlled dogs in their community.

It is important to register your dog every year as part of being a responsible dog owner. Dog registration provides safety and security for dogs, owners and the community.

All dogs are now required to be registered with Waitomo District Council. If you have misplaced or lost your dog registration form please contact us.  Avoid any further costs and register your dog/s without delay. Please remember, all dogs three months of age and over must be registered.

Are you moving?  

If you own a dog and are moving or have moved, please advise us of your new address in writing within 14 days.

Buying or selling a dog?  

If you sell a dog that is 3 months of age or older, it must be registered for the current registration year.  Both you and the new owner must inform us in writing, within 14 days of change of ownership.  Include the address of the new owner and the property address where the dog will normally be kept. 

For all enquiries please contact our Customer Service Centre on (07) 878 0800, freephone 0800 932 4357, fax (07) 878 7771 or email

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