NZTA - SH3 Awakino Tunnel Bypass

Reference ID DS0001
Public Notice Click here to view  (PDF, 106 Kb)
Applicant New Zealand Transport Agency
Activity Description  Notice of Requirement pursuant to Section 181 of the RMA to alter the existing SH3 designation at the Awakino Gorge area, to allow for a bypass of the single-lane Awakino Tunnel. To deliver the Project, the NZ Transport Agency requires the alteration including the designation of new areas of land. 
  Form 18_Notice of Requirement by Requiring Authority for Alteration of Designation (PDF, 341 Kb)
  NZTA_Alteration to designation application  (PDF, 15 Kb)
  A: Designation Plans (PDF, 13.24 Mb)
  B: Overview Plan (PDF, 5.96 Mb)
  C: Plan and Longsections (PDF, 10.02 Mb)
  D: Stormwater Plans  (PDF, 23.72 Mb)
  E: Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (PDF, 27.12 Mb)
  F: Landscape and Property Access Plans (PDF, 9.89 Mb) 
  G: Bridge Plans  (PDF, 3.82 Mb)
  H: Existing Property Ownership Plan  (PDF, 6.47 Mb)
  I: Draft Conditions - Designation  (PDF, 455 Kb)
  J: Draft Conditions - Resource Consents (PDF, 974 Kb)
  Specialist Reports
  A: AEE - Archaeology (PDF, 5.12 Mb)
  B: AEE - Cultural Values (PDF, 1.58 Mb)
  C: AEE - Ecology (including Stream Assessment) (PDF, 19.01 Mb)
  D: AEE - Flooding (PDF, 5.21 Mb)
  E: AEE - Heritage (PDF, 15.65 Mb)
  F: AEE - Landscape and Visual (PDF, 9.39 Mb)
  G: AEE - Noise (PDF, 1.13 Mb)
  HI: AEE - Stormwater (PDF, 2.06 Mb)
  JK: AEE - Traffic (PDF, 1.6 Mb)
  L: AEE - Vibration (PDF, 864 Kb)
  M: Contaminated Land Assessment - DSI (PDF, 7.88 Mb)
  N: Contaminated Land Assessment - PSI (PDF, 3.69 Mb)
Status Public notification

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The closing date for submissions on the application is Thursday 11 January 2018.


Any person may make a submission, but a person who is a trade competitor of the applicant may do so only if that person is directly affected by an effect of the activity to which the notice/application relates that:
(a) adversely affects the environment; and
(b) does not relate to trade competition or the effects of trade competition.

All submissions must include name, postal address, email address and phone numbers, if you spport or oppose (with reasons therefore), the recommendation or decision you seek, and whether you wish to be heard and/or attend a hearing.


Submissions on the Notice of Requirement

Please use the correct form - Form 21

Send your submission to Waitomo District Council, Queen Street PO Box 404, Te Kuiti 3941 (Attn: Alex Bell)

Email your submission to


Submissions on the Resource Consent Applications

Please use the correct form - Form 13

Click here to download (PDF, 189 Kb) 

Send your submission to Waikato Regional Council

Private Bag 3038, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240

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Send a copy to the applicant

You must also send a copy of your a submission to the applicant as soon as reasonably practicable after sending your submission to Waitomo District Council and/or Waikato Regional Council.

Send the applicant's copy to the following address:

New Zealand Transport Agency - Regional Office, PO Box 973, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240 (Attn: Jenni Fitzgerald) or email to

Contact person Alex Bell, Planner - Waitomo District Council
Phone  0800 932 4357