Essential water use only - Te Kuiti

*** Te Kuiti is in Level 4 Water Restrictions

Please conserve water immediately and reduce usage to essential use only.

Coastal Hazards and Coastal Flooding

  • One of the major changes to the Resource Management Act in 2017 was to make the management of the significant risks of natural hazards, a matter of national importance. This means that WDC must consider all aspects of hazards and hazard risk (both likelihood and impact) in all planning and consenting decisions.

    As part of the District Plan review, the government requires us to address a lot of things to keep our communities safe and to protect the local environment. This includes a requirement to identify coastal areas that could be impacted by coastal erosion and flooding over the next 100 years, and to appropriately manage these areas.

    To help us identify and manage the risk of coastal erosion and flooding, WDC engaged the Focus Resource Management Group.  Principal members Jim Dahm and Bronwen Gibberd have a great deal of experience with assessment and management of coastal hazards on the West Coast, and a long association with these communities.

    Over the past two years WDC has held a series of open days at Mokau/Awakino, Marokopa/Kiritehere and Te Waitere/Kinohaku. During these open days, we have discussed strategies to help our coastal settlements adapt to existing and possible future risk while protecting important coastal values and property. The new District Plan will map areas of coastal hazard and rules and policies will be put in place to manage the risk of coastal erosion and flooding.