Community Partnership Fund

Our fund aims to “help our community help itself” by offering access to seed funding and in kind support to groups in developing new community initiatives.


Grant applications should be made for:

  • Group’s applying for financial assistance for projects that align with or support our Community Outcomes.
  • Group's applying for financial assistance for projects or initiatives that align with or support our Safe Communities framework.
  • Evidence is provided detailing how their project can make a positive impact on community well-being.
  • Organisations and groups, who invest time in helping address social issues within the Waitomo District.
  • Groups who have a proven track record in their area of operation and can show community support for their project.

We support resource sharing by community groups and organisations and encourages, where possible, a collaborative approach to achieving positive Community Outcomes.     

Funding Priorities

The basis of the Community Development Fund is to ensure recipients undertake projects that demonstrate benefit to the community. 

There must be a evidence their is a link between the proposed activity and our Community Outcomes.

The outcomes that contribute to the Community Development Group are prioritised for this fund and are listed below:

Community Outcomes

A Vibrant and Prosperous District

  1. A place that attracts more people who want to live, work and play, and raise a family.
  2. A place where wealth and employment are created through local businesses and development of tourism opportunities.


  1. A place where young people have access to education, training and work opportunities.
  2. A place where young people feel valued and have opportunities for input into the District.

Cultural Heritage

A place where people are enriched by the multicultural values of all its people and, in particular, Maori heritage and culture are an inherent and valued part of decision making that affects community life.

Recreation and Social Amenities

A place where all age groups have the opportunity to enjoy social, cultural and sporting activities within our District.


For more information, please contact our Customer Services Centre on (07) 878 0800.