Provision of Services Grant

Provision of Services Grants are in place to provide funding to "not for profit" organisations who undertake to provide services that compliment Council's Long Term Plan objectives.

These organisations offer services that make a significant contribution to the achievement of Waitomo District Council's Community Outcomes and improve well being within the District, but are outside the scope of services provided by Waitomo District Council.

Organisations will enter into a service level agreement which will document the service to be delivered and the link to the funding. This agreement will identify key deliverables and reporting mechanisms.

The Services Grant fund will be distributed once a year.

Recipients will be able to re-apply for another 3 year term on completion of the previous 3 year cycle, on condition that all  agreed deliverable requirements are met in full.

The dollar value of each grant will be determined on a case by case basis.

For more information, please contact our Customer Services Centre on (07) 878 0800.