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  • Mangarino Road is currently closed due to a slip from the recent heavy rain. The location of this is just past the Te KÅ«iti Cemetery and Reynolds Road.
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Update on new RBI cell towers

6 Nov 2015, 1:24 PM

Vodafone will deliver two new Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) cell sites and an upgrade to the existing site at Kawhia.

The two new sites will deliver 4G mobile and Wireless (rural) broadband to over 300 residents in and around Aria and Benneydale.

The Aria RBI cell site is on track for completion by the end of November.

The Benneydale facility is on track for completion in January/ February 2016.

Aria tower

Residents living in and around Aria township will be able to benefit from Wireless broadband access. This broadband service is delivered over the 4G & 3G network and can deliver speeds in excess of 20Mbps - improving the quality of video downloading and media streaming. As well as covering the main town and primary school, coverage will extend to the following roads - Tolme, Kumara, Barclay, Ohura and Mokauiti.

Benneydale tower

The community of Benneydale will also benefit from extended 4G & 3G mobile coverage. Wireless broadband over 4G will provide super-fast and reliable broadband access to residents. Coverage will include the main town, primary school and coverage will extend to Mine Road, Ohirea Road, Waimiha Road and Maniaiti Road. Coverage also extends to State Highway 30.

Kawhia tower

The Kawhia upgrade will extend 4G mobile coverage to over 700 residents in and around the Kawhia region. Residents will need to ensure they have a 4G extended smartphone to benefit from the new mobile coverage.

The most significant improvement for Kawhia residents will be the arrival of wireless broadband services. Areas expected to benefit from extended coverage including Oparau, Kawhia Road, Okupata Road, Langdon Road, Moerangi Road and Pirongia West Road.

For the boaties - you will have coverage right across the Kawhia Bat and along the coast.

Vodafone will send a mailbox flyer to residents shortly after the towers are complete and Vodafone services are up and running. Vodafone also plan to engage local media and community leaders.