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Paying your rates

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world’s situation dramatically, and is impacting on the way we live our lives, as well as impacting on our economy. We understand that these are challenging times for everyone and the arrival of the fourth rates installment, due for payment on 29 May 2020, may be a concern.

There are a number of options available to assist ratepayers and we encourage our customers to make contact with us – the earlier, the better!

Rates Rebate

The Rates Rebate Scheme benefits low income ratepayers with their rates account.  The amount of rate rebate depends on a combination of your income, the amount of rates you are charged and the number of dependents you have.

Use the rates rebate calculator to check whether you are eligible. 

Please access the rates rebate forms here (PDF 361 KB)

We encourage you to contact our customer services team to assist you in applying for a rates rebate.  Applications for the 2019/20 year close 30 June.

Payment Arrangements

We are here to help.  Please talk with us. If you think you might have difficulty meeting payments then get in touch and lets work out how we can assist. If you are experiencing hardship and are unable to pay your rates in full by 29 May 2020, please get in touch to discuss possible options available to you.  The benefits of entering into a payment plan are that you have a longer time to pay and you do not incur late payment penalties while the payment plan is in place.

Ways to pay

The easiest way to pay your rates is via direct debit. This method ensures no penalties will be applied and allows you to spread your payments across the rating year without being concerned about keeping up with various payment due dates.  If you do not already have a direct debit in place, we encourage you to take up the option, complete the required form and return it to us for processing.

EasyPay application (PDF 120 KB)

You can also pay your rates by cheque and internet banking.  The option to pay by credit/debit card is also available by phoning our customer services team. Please do continue to pay your rates in the usual way. We, as a community, will recover from this temporary setback. 

You can contact us

Please remember that even though our facilities may be closed temporarily, we are still here for you and you can: