Annual maintenance programme

Operational maintenance on local roads and footpaths is focussed to defined zones across the Waitomo district.

Council's Roading contractor will undertake all works required in each zone, twice a year.

  • You can view a map showing the zone boundaries and an approximate schedule by clicking here (PDF 2.3 MB).

Council's aim is to plan and deliver an efficient annual maintenance programme for local roads and footpaths, and provide satisfactory levels of service for road users and ratepayers of the Waitomo district.

The types of work covered by Council's annual maintenance programme are:

  • Potholes repairs on sealed and unsealed roads
  • Litter and litter bin emptying and repairs
  • Loose matter, debris and street cleaning
  • Cleaning of lined and unlined water tables, stormwater channels and surface covers
  • Cesspit cleaning and emptying
  • Footpaths maintenance and removal of overgrown / intruding vegetation
  • Maintenance of safety barriers, guard rails and sight rails (rust removal and painting)
  • Kerb and channel cleaning
  • Slip clearing and disposal
  • Drainage systems cleaning
  • Signs maintenance etc (damaged, rust, paint)
  • Edge Marker Posts
  • Bridge repairs - light maintenance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Footpath maintenance (non-structural)
  • Routine vegetation control
  • Traffic services.
  • Grading of unsealed roads in zone

Planning for the roading maintenance programme

The scope of work required in each zone is determined through Council's inspection process. Inspections are conducted prior to the commencment of the next stage of the zonal work programme, to ensure that the network is maintained to a safe and accessible condition.

Through inspections we identify the need for maintenance of roads and footpaths as well as other systems like signs and road markings.

The following information provides a summary of the work covered by the annual maintenance programme for this activity.

Drainage inspections

This work involves cleaning of culverts and maintenance of the surface water channels and drainage in general. We determine the areas that require top priority and attention, based on the information obtained through inspections of the network.

Hinerangi Street Te Kuiti drainage catchpit

Road marking/ painting

Road markings are attended to once a year to ensure the painting of lines and markings on the road are renewed to enhance road safety.

Markings painted on road surface

Bridge maintenance

Bridges are inspected each year. The maintenance work that is required on bridges is identified and carried out to ensure structures are provided for safe access by road users.

Issues that we look for include the build-up of debris, structural damage to the foundations, painting of structures, replacement of marker posts and a general evaluation of the condition of the bridge structure.

Bridge 221 repairs

Service requests

Council responds to service requests received from the public, according to the levels of service provided for under the Roads and Footpaths Activity.

Click here if you would like to make an online service request to Waitomo District Council.

Emergency projects

Council initiate emergency projects as a result of weather related events that cause a slip or blockage on the local road network.

In some instances, the damage caused to the road is significant and for that reason emergency projects will take priority over other non-programmed work. This allows Council to focus on reinstating road access and/or making the road safe for public use.

Manganui Road slip event

Unsealed roads

Approximately 60km of unsealed roads are metalled through-out the year. This work is scheduled for the wet season (Autumn and Winter) to optimise the results of the work completed.

Unsealed rural Road

Vegetation control

Footpaths and roads are kept clear of vegetation to maintain a clear line of sight. When necessary more work is completed outside of the annual maintenance programme.

Roading renewals / reseals

This work involves the general renewal and major Capital reseals of roads. The scope of the renewal programme is not included in the zonal maintenance programme (outlined above).

Road renewals are completed in the dry season to allow for best results. Road conditions can have an impact on the sections of the network that are scheduled for resealing. 

Reseals involve removing (or grading) the top level of the road surface and re-applying a new layer of chip and seal.

The roading renewals/ reseals programme for Waitomo District Council will continue to be undertaken as per the Levels of Service provided for under the activity.

Rora Street road renewal project