Taumata Arowai

Taumata Arowai became a new Crown entity in March 2021, and on 15 November 2021 become the dedicated water services regulator for Aotearoa.

Read more about Taumata Arowai – why they were established, who they are and what they’ll be doing when they become the water services regulator for Aotearoa.


What is Taumata Arowai?

Taumata Arowai is the new water services regulator for Aotearoa. We’re the regulator of drinking water, with an oversight role in relation to wastewater and stormwater systems. Taumata Arowai is a standalone Crown entity with a Minister-appointed Board. Alongside the independent Board is a Māori Advisory Group (Rōpū Māori) which advises on Māori interests and knowledge.


What does Taumata Arowai do?

Taumata Arowai sets standards and makes sure that drinking water suppliers are satisfying their duty to provide safe drinking water. We’ll also monitor and report on the environmental performance of wastewater and stormwater networks from 2023.


What is the Water Services Act?

The Water Services Act 2021 provides a new regulatory approach for drinking water. It gives Taumata Arowai a legal framework and tools which we can use to regulate the water services sector and improve its performance. Most of its provisions commence on 15 November 2021.


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