Weather Warning for Waitomo
Waitomo District is expecting a significant amount of rainfall over the next few days. Once again, this will likely have a major impact on our roads and farmland. We ask residents to please take caution and do not venture out into the weather if you do not need to. And if possible, move stock to higher ground.
Surface flooding and excess water may also slow the drainage of the stormwater and wastewater network. We are not expecting any significant impact to the network, water will just take a little longer to drain.
We will keep you updated as information comes to hand.
Stay safe.

WDC Three Waters Reform Funded Projects

A reform programme for three waters service delivery has been developed with Central Government. All Councils, including Waitomo District Council, are part of this, and as a result, Council has received Government funding of $3.5 million to support water supply and wastewater projects in the District.

The $3.5 million is funding more than 20 projects which are focused on improving resilience, reducing interruption of supply and reducing maintenance costs of the wastewater network.

We based our projects around what was achievable by the delivery deadline of March 2022 and opportunities for  local contractors. Not only will this funding create employment, but it also brings forward aspects of our work programme by 15 years.

One of the main projects will be to install backflow preventers district wide. Funding will also go towards water monitoring systems to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

All water treatment plants – Te Kuiti, Mokau, Maniaiti/Benneydale and Piopio will have money spent on them, including purchasing back up equipment, such as generators which help keep operations running 24/7.

Our fencing project at our water treatment plants is also nearing completion. Fencing helps protect our waterways, particularly in keeping stock from getting into our streams.

Fencing has been installed at our treatment plants in Mokau and Maniaiti/Benneydale and will soon be completed at our Te Kuiti site.

Council does not have any plans to install water meters.

Visit our Three Waters Reform news page to read about our project to install backflow preventers.