Our Council

Waitomo District Council provides services to the community, as required by statute or determined by Council Policy, in a cost effective manner.

We provide leadership in relation to issues that affect the Waitomo District Community, through the sustainable management of the environment and promotion of the District's needs and aspirations. We ensure that the District's infrastructural assets and associated resources are utilised and managed in a responsible way for the benefit of residents and ratepayers both for today and for the future.

  • Council’s vision for the Waitomo District is - Creating a better future with vibrant communities and thriving business. This future relies on the promotion of a healthier, safer and more rewarding lifestyle across all of the diverse communities that make up our district.

Continued growth in the tourism market and a strong farming industry provide many opportunities for the current population, new residents and entrepreneurs. 

Council's Group of Activities structure is shown below:

Sustainability Groups

Community and Cultural Sustainability Environmental Sustainability Economic Sustainability
Governance: Leadership and Investments Resource Management Water Supply
Community Service Solid Waste Management Roads and Footpaths
Community Development Stormwater
Regulation Sewerage and the Treatment and Disposal of Sewerage
Vision The statutory purpose of Council (as per LGA 2002) is to promote and enhance the four well-beings (social, cultural, environmental and economic) of its...
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This function is undertaken by Council with the goal of assisting Community Groups and Organisations in the Waitomo District, in the ongoing delivery of a range of social services...
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Rates are an essential source of income - they help meet the cost of all the services and facilities provided by the Waitomo District Council. Whilst rates are essentially a...
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