Solid Waste Management (Collection and Disposal)

We undertake this activity to ensure that the natural environment is protected from detrimental effects of solid waste disposal, and that the waste diversion and disposal needs of the District community are met.

We are required under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 (WMA) to promote effective and efficient waste management and minimisation with the District. A key part of doing this is to adopt a Solid Waste Management (Asset) and Minimisation Plan (SWaMMP) - you can view this document here.

We also have an obligation under the Health Act 1956 to ensure that our waste management systems protect public health.

Council provides Refuse Transfer Stations at strategic locations throughout the Waitomo District.
Council's aim is to improve awareness of the benefits and services available in support of waste minimisation in the Waitomo District Community
Find out about our weekly Kerbside Rubbish and Recycling Collection Service for the communities of Te Kuiti, Piopio, Mokau, Awakino and Waitomo ward and Village.
Hazardous waste must be disposed of safely and responsibly to reduce risks to both people and the environment.  The best way to do that is to isolate them from other rubbish and...
From 1st July 2024 changes are being implemented for kerbside collections affecting households across Te Kūiti, Piopio, Mōkau, Awakino, and Waitomo Village...