Online Services

On this page you will find links to our online services. Pay your rates, place a general enquiry, request a service, search our cemetery records, make a formal submission, complete a survey or view property, operative district plan and asset information.

Online Payments

Make online payments

Formal Submission

Make a formal submission to a Council document that is out for public consultation.

Property Snapshot

Select your property, view a summary of rating information, and create a Property Snapshot document to download.

Operative District Plan Snapshot

Select your property, view a summary of Operative District Plan information, and create a Snapshot document to download.

Online Enquiry/ Request

Place a request, make an enquiry or post feedback.

Property Information

View property information contained within the Waitomo District Council’s Rating Information Database (RID).

Cemetery Records Search

We have made it quick and easy to access cemetery records. The physical location within a cemetery can be confirmed together with a photo of the headstone and other plot information.

Online Mapping Service

View Waitomo District Council’s asset data and information, property and road boundaries and more using Intramaps.

Council Agendas