About us


The statutory purpose of Council (as per LGA 2002) is to promote and enhance the four well-beings (social, cultural, environmental and economic) of its community.

Council has developed a new Vision to reflect how it will facilitate the promotion of the four well-beings and what it aims to achieve for the District.

The vision is put into practice by developing appropriate strategic goals for the groups of activities and in some cases for the individual activities where appropriate.


Council’s vision for our District is "Creating a better future with vibrant communities and thriving business". In moving towards this Vision, our aim is to make the district an attractive place that people will want to come and visit, work, and live in.

Community Outcomes provide an important framework for future planning and reflect the results that Council aims to achieve for the District in the future.

As part of the development of the Long Term Plan 2015-2025, the Community Outcomes were updated and as a result two Outcomes have been introduced under a new ‘Effective Leadership’ banner.

The Outcomes have been grouped under the four main headings below in order to better align them with Council’s vision and ensure they are integrated to Council’s areas of focus.

Community Outcomes that we aim to achieve



 Vibrant Communities

  1. A place where the multi cultural values of all its people and in particularly Māori heritage and culture is recognised and valued.
  2. A place where all age groups have the opportunity to enjoy social, cultural and sporting activities within our District.
  3. A place where young people have access to education, training and work opportunities.
  4. A place where young people feel valued and have opportunities for input into the decisions for the District.
  5. A place where we preserve the natural environment for future generations, ensuring that natural resources are used in a sustainable manner.


Thriving Business 


6. A place that that attracts more people who want to live, work and play, and raise a family.

7. A place where wealth and employment are created through local businesses and tourism opportunities and facilities are developed, facilitated and encouraged.


Effective Leadership

8. A place where the development of partnerships for the delivery of programmes and services is encouraged and pursued.

9. A place where the governance actively seeks to participate and take a leadership role in regional and national initiatives aimed at the development of the District.

Sustainable Infrastructure

10. A place that provides safe, reliable and well managed infrastructure which meets the District community needs and supports maintenance of public health, provision of good connectivity and development of the District.