Rates Information

Rates are an essential source of income - they help meet the cost of all the services and facilities provided by the Waitomo District Council.

Whilst rates are essentially a tax, wherever possible Council aligns its rating system with those that benefit from the services provided to the Waitomo District Community.

To better understand Council's rating system it is important to read Council's Revenue and Financing Policy which explains how and why each activity of Council is funded. The Revenue and Financing Policy is published every year with the Annual Plan or the Long Term Plan.

Rating Information Database (RID)

As a property owner your details (your name and postal address) are made public on Council’s rating information database. You have the right to request that this information is treated as confidential and withheld. To do this you must give notice in writing and your details will be withheld.

The Rating Information Database also contains details about your property that Council uses to set and levy rates. Information such as the number of separately used or inhabited parts of each property influences the rates levied. It is important that this information is correct. If you believe that the information Council has about your property is incorrect it is important to notify Council in writing so it can be investigated. The RID is available for public inspection at the Waitomo District Council Office during office hours.  

Click here to view RID and property snapshot online.

Waitomo District General Revaluation

Click here to read information about the General Valuation 2021.

How to pay

There are various options available to you, in order to make it efficient to pay your rates. Your choices are: Easy Pay, Direct Credit, Automatic payment, Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card/Debit Card or via council's website The Easy Pay Direct Debit form is found on the quicklinks on this page. Credit/debit card payments can be made over the phone.

Rates invoices and correspondence by email

Click here (PDF 207 KB) to request all rates invoices and correspondence by email.

General Enquiries

For all rating enquiries phone our Customer Services Centre on freephone 0800 932 4357.