Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste must be disposed of safely and responsibly to reduce risks to both people and the environment.  The best way to do that is to isolate them from other rubbish and send them for recycling or disposal at special facilities.  Our Landfill provides a drop-off facility for domestic quantities of household hazardous wastes (HHW). 

An item is hazardous when it is:

  • flammable
  • toxic
  • explosive
  • corrosive
  • radioactive.

Common HHW products include herbicides, pesticides, solvents (methylated spirits), ammonia, bleach, and varnishes/wood polishes, petrol and paint.  

We accept up to a maximum of 20 litres or 20 kg of any one HHW.  A fee applies which covers the cost of treatment and disposal at specialist sites.   

Before you bring HHW to the transfer station at the Waitomo District Landfill, we ask that you please:

  • Label the container clearly if you know what the contents are (and the original label is unclear).
  • Make sure the container lid is fitted securely.
  • Transport the containers upright and secured in the boot so that they do not tip over and leak (for example, place the containers in a bag, bin or tray).

On arrival at the Landfill kiosk, please notify the Landfill Attendant that you would like to drop-off hazardous waste.

Commercial and industrial waste

There are some hazardous wastes that we do not accept at the Landfill like asbestos, agri-chemicals, medical waste, medicines and commercial quantities of hazardous waste.   Please phone us on 0800 932 4357 for more information.