Kerbside Collection Service


You may soon notice that our official blue rubbish bags will look a little different – Our Council logo is missing. This is only temporary.

Like many businesses, we are experiencing significant shipping delays, including our official refuse bags. Unfortunately, this is out of our control.

We have managed to secure a small shipment to see us through, but the blue bags won’t have our logo printed on them. These blue bags will still be considered as an official refuse bag and will be accepted by kerbside collection.

We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.




We provide a weekly Kerbside Collection Service for the communities of Te Kuiti, Piopio, Mokau/Awakino and Waitomo ward and Village.

  • Piopio, Mokau/Awakino, and the Waitomo ward and Village collection day is Tuesday.
  • Te Kuiti’s collection day is Friday. 

Please place your official council rubbish bags and recycling on the kerbside by 8.00am on the day of collection.

You can put out as many Council rubbish bags as you like, but rubbish in unofficial bags won’t be collected.


Blue rubbish bags can be purchased from:

  • Our Office in Queen Street
  • Te Kuiti Visitor Information - i-SITE
  • Landfill and Waste Transfer Stations
  • Te Kuiti New World
  • Te Kuiti SuperValue
  • Waitomo Caves Visitor Information Centre
  • Piopio Superette
  • Benneydale Food Store
  • Whitebait Inn Mokau
  • Patels Mini Market
  • Mokau Museum and Gallery.   


Guidelines for our official bags

  • Broken glass must be well wrapped in newspaper. 

  • No hazardous waste.

  • Weight of full bag should not exceed 15kg

  • Do not place sharp objects or hot ashes in the rubbish bag

WDC's official rubbish bag is blue






Kerbside Recycling

The following items can be placed in your recycling bin:

  • clean paper and flattened cardboard (stack inside or next to bin).

  • clean cans and tins.

  • plastics that have been cleaned and have the recycling triangle 1 or 2 on them, no lids please.

  • empty, clean glass bottles and jars that have had food or drink in them.

Properties that receive the Kerbside Collection Service are provided with a Green Bin for recycling.  Only this green bin can be used for this service.The Green Bin is for residential quantities of recycling commercial volumes of recycling must be taken to the Landfill or Transfer Stations.


For more information please phone Customer Services on 0800 932 4357, or email