It’s important to us that this site is accessible to everyone. The site has been designed to meet the New Zealand Government web standards and accessibility best practice.

If you believe any of our content is not as accessible as it could be, or your requirements are not being met, please contact us.

This page describes the accessibility of this website, and gives tips for viewing files and screen display.  

Access Keys

You can use this website with the following access keys instead of a mouse.

  • Access Key 0 is provided for List of Access Keys.
  • Access Key 1 is provided for Home
  • Access Key 2 is provided for Site Map
  • Access Key 3 is provided for Search
  • Access Key 9 is provided for Contact Us
  • Access Key / Link to New Zealand Government website

Note: On Windows with Internet Explorer, press ALT + an access key then press Enter.

If using Firefox on Windows, press SHIFT + ALT + an access key.

If you are using a Macintosh, press Ctrl + an access key.

Change font sizes

Waitomo District Council allows the full capability of increasing the font size across the homepage and the main navigation menus on the top and right hand side of the screen. Select the 'Page' menu, then 'Text Size', and then your chosen size (or if you have a mouse wheel simply hold down CTRL and roll the mouse wheel to alter the text size).

PDF Reader

Download a Portable Document Format (PDF) reader from the Adobe website. 

Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind

Waitomo District Council passed the accessibility test (results provided by the Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind) for the correct use of heading tags on a web page to improve the usability for screen reader users.