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Our Journey to Resilience - Draft Annual Plan 2023/24 Consultation


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We're putting together our budgets, projects and operational priorities for the 2023/24 financial year. We'd love to have your feedback on our 'Journey to Resilience' consultation, which is our proposed Draft Annual Plan for the coming financial year.

An Annual Plan is produced in the two intervening years between each Long Term Plan and outlines any key changes our Council has made to what was forecast in the Long Term Plan. This states what we intend to achieve over the next financial year, how much it will cost, and how that cost will be funded. This including the setting of rates for 2023/24.

Budget 2023/24

Rates affordability is a key consideration for Council. The unavoidable impact of inflation and rising costs means we are facing an average rate increase of 5.91% for the Waitomo District, which is above the forecasted rise of 4.37% in the 10 Year Plan. To achieve a rate increase below inflation and deliver the same level of service does mean we have had to make other changes. This is especially the case as the cost of some goods and services we require have increased far more than the current inflation figure of 7.2%.

Although we have cut back as much as possible there are some work programmes and projects that we are including in our Draft Annual Plan to ensure levels of service are maintained or improved. With the impact of multiple severe weather events, central and local government reforms we must prepare for an uncertain future. The best way we can do this is to build-up our resilience.


When can I provide my feedback?

The public consultation period runs from 31 March to 1 May 2023 and you'll find our supporting information below.


How can I provide feedback?

Please fill out the online submission form

Alternatively, you can fill out a hard copy (PDF 70 KB), save to your PC or device, then email it as an attachment to [email protected]

You can review the proposals in the Consultation Document below, or hard copies will shortly be available at our Council service centres and library. Staff there will be able to help you make your submission if you need assistance.

Draft Annual Plan 2023/24 Consultation Document (PDF 8.88 MB)


What are we consulting on?

We’d like to hear your thoughts on:

  • Our proposed average rates for 2023/24
  • An increase in spending to improve stormwater maintenance
  • An increase in spending on wastewater maintenance and road repairs
  • Changes to our schedule of fees and charges


Your rates

In our 2021-2031 LTP we had forecast a 4.37% average rates increase for the district this coming year. This was consulted on and adopted by Council in 2021. Since then, we’ve seen interest rate increases, project and contract cost escalations and now we face the ongoing costs to rebuild and recover. Right now, we’re signalling a proposed district average rates increase of 5.91%. 

However, average rate increases vary for a number of reasons, including the area and property type you have.

For example, the median rates increase proposed for an average Te Kuiti property value is +7.1%, and for Piopio it is 6.8%. 

Use our rates calculator to determine your proposed rates increase


Supporting information for our proposed Annual Plan 2023/24

Supporting Financial Information 2023/24 (PDF 278 KB)

Revenue and Financing Policy (PDF 2.07 MB)

Long Term Plan 2021-2031 (PDF 10.57 MB)


Fees and Charges

As part of the annual planning process, fees and charges are reviewed to ensure the costs of providing these Council services are recovered by those who use them. This annual review provides the opportunity to reflect changes in the costs and services.
Due to the increased operating costs most fees and charges are being increased between 5% and 7%. We need to ensure costs are recovered so that Council services are not subsidised further by rates.

These increases apply to:

● Animal and dog control fees
● Permits and licences which includes food prem-ises and fees under the Food Act 2014. Licencing not set by Council governed by regulation remain unchanged such as Alcohol licencing.
● Parking and infringement fees
● Land use and subdivision consent fees
● Fees for facilities use and hireage
● Office and administration fees

Services provided by contractors are also increasing in areas of roading, water supply, wastewater, storm-water and solid waste. As there are cost increases forecast for water supply, metered water charges will also increase.

There is an increase in landfill charges and the cost of the official WDC rubbish bags due to increasing operating costs and the government’s increase in the Emissions Trading Scheme charges and the Waste Minimisation Levy.

These costs are incurred for every tonne of waste going to landfill. The tonnage charges will increase by $20, and the official WDC rubbish bags will increase from $4.50 to $4.80.

Elderly housing weekly rent will increase by $5 per week so that it more closely covers the cost of pro-viding the service. The new prices would be $130 for a small single, $140 for a large single, and $120 for a bedsit.

Some of our fees and charges have required more significant increases often due to increased staff time to complete the service or higher contractor costs. For example, land use and subdivision consents.

Some additional charges are being added to other fees and charges where costs need to be recovered for a specific service. These include travel costs for building consents and traffic management charges.

To help our community utilise our Les Munro Centre we have included the option to rent per hour at $68 for up to 6 hours.

There are some fees and charges that we have been able to maintain at the 2022/23 level as the cost recovery is being met.


When can I provide my feedback?

The Special Consultative Procedure (public consultation) period runs from 31 March to 1 May 2023 and you'll find our supporting information below.


How can I provide feedback?

Please fill out the online submission form

Alternatively, you can fill out a hard copy (PDF 57 KB), save to your PC or device, then email it as an attachment to [email protected]


Supporting information for Fees and Charges

Draft Fees and Charges Schedule 2023/24 (PDF 617 KB)

Draft Annual Plan 2023/24 Consultation Document (PDF 8.88 MB)


What happens next??

Community consultation 31 March 2023 - 1 May 2023
Hearings and deliberations 18 May 2023. Attendance can be in person or online via Zoom.
Adoption of Annual Plan 2023/24 27 June - Council meeting