Media Release 5 May 2020 - Support Local now more than ever

5 May 2020, 2:05 PM

Local residents are being urged to step up and support local businesses which are now able to operate under Alert Level 3 requirements.

Western Waikato Emergency Operating Centre Controller Dave Simes says finding ways to ‘support local’ is going to be critical as businesses across all sectors make adjustments over the next few months.

"Business will look a bit different, but for many it has been a welcome relief to be able to offer some form of trading,” he says.

"We need to support our local businesses like never before, so if you are in a position to do so, buy something from a business that has been hit hard during the lockdown period. Vouchers are also a good option as you can use it later on.”

He says while you may not be able to support small businesses with your money right now, that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to help them.

Other ways to support local include:

  • Word of mouth – If you’re unable to purchase something from a small business you love, you can still tell all your friends about it, praise them on social media, share their website or leave them a review online.
  • Sign up - If a small local business you love has a newsletter, subscribe to it. You'll be part of growing their customer database, which is a valuable business asset.
  • Social media - One good way to help is by liking, commenting or sharing their posts, to ensure they reach a wider audience.

Simes says the move to COVID-19 Alert Level 3 last week saw greater number of people back at work across the Western Waikato districts, but he urges people to remain vigilant.

“The announcement of zero new cases yesterday doesn’t reflect the activity of level 3. Please stay the course, we cannot squander the result when the end is so close.

“Level 3 is a "high trust model", that relies heavily on people being able to police themselves and their activities. If you are not at work, school, exercising or getting essentials, then you must be at home, the same as at Level 4.

“Supermarkets are also still required to comply with appropriate health and safety measures and should still be monitoring to ensure customers are keeping safe while shopping.”

Kia mauri tau. Kia ngākau aroha. E noho ki te kāinga. Tiakina te tangata.

Be calm. Be kind. Stay home. Save lives.

Media contact:
Public Information Manager - Western Waikato Emergency Operating Centre
027 382 3218 | [email protected]