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Reading Financial Statements and Creating your Organisational Budget

Wednesday 21 August 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Presented by Community Waikato at 935 Victoria Street, Hamilton, Waikato

This workshop is a combo of essential financial knowledge for board members and managers of community agencies alike. Knowing what funding you need, where it’s coming from, where it’s going, how to understanding financial documents and ensure you have the correct monitoring and reporting in place does not need to be complicated. This workshop will show you what you need to know, prepare and look for.

Reading Financial Statements

(Please bring your last year’s annual accounts to work with.)

Board Members & Managers have the responsibility to members, stakeholders & employees to ensure that the organisation behaves in a proper manner, has adequate financial policies & procedures and is solvent at all times.

What do Board Members and Managers need to look for in accounting & financial documents?

This workshop will assist you in understanding and interpreting your financial statements and reports. 

·       What financial reports should you be sighting each board meeting?

·       What should you be looking for in your financial board reports?

·       What questions should you be asking as a Board member?

·       What financial management processes does your organisation need in place?

Creating your Organisational Budgets

A budget is a summary of projected costs and revenue for an organisation over a time period, usually your financial year.  “Financial year” is the period you use to calculate your budget and also determines when you file returns with IRD, when books are closed and your financial statements are audited or reviewed.

There are a range of reasons it is important to prepare an annual budget and a number of areas that need to be considered as part of the process.  These include:

·       Defining your expenses

·       Clarifying income

·       Ensuring you are being realistic

·       Creating spreadsheets

·       Gaining board approval

·       Monitoring, adjusting and amending your budget as the year progresses.

Community: $ 80

Non-Community $160

Please note payment is required prior to workshop attendance


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