Water Conservation and Restrictions

There are currently no water restrictions in the District


Smart Water Tips                                                                                       

Our Water Alerts and Restrictions help us manage the town water supply during periods of high demand. 

In summer, we get less rain than the rest of the year and the amount of water people use everyday increases mainly due to activities like watering gardens, property maintenance and filling up swimming pools. This puts pressure on our water supply.

Water restrictions help everyone play their part and are put in place to make sure there is enough water for everyone to use during this time.

If you notice a water leak or someone wasting water in your street please contact us straight away on 0800 932 4357.



A guide to the water alert level system - 

Conservation Level 1 image

Use water wisely.

  • Sprinklers between 6.00am - 8.00am and 6.00-8.00pm.

  • Hand-held hosing is allowed anytime.

    Hand-held hosing means that a person must physically hold the hose - no unattended hoses. Try to use a twist or trigger nozzle when using your hose to save water. Turn off all hoses and taps when its not in use.
Level 2 Water restriction image

Reduce non-essential water use.

  • Use sprinklers on alternate days between 6-8am or 6-8pm (e.g. even street numbers on even days; odd street numbers on odd days).

    Alternate day means residents whose street address number is an even number can use their sprinkler between 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm on days with even dates (for example 30 January, 2 February, 4 February).  
    Those with odd letter box numbers can use their sprinkler between 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm on days with odd dates (For 31 January, 1 February, 3 February).

  • Hand held hosing is allowed at anytime.
Level 3 water restriction image

Take all practical steps to reduce your water usage.

  • No sprinklers allowed. 

  • Hand-held hosing only.

Under Level Three Restrictions:

  • Don’t use Council water supply to fill or top up your pools (including portable and paddling pools).
  • Use a broom instead of water to clean hard surfaces such as footpaths and driveways.
  • Avoid using water to wash windows, buildings and cars. 
Level 4 water restriction image

Reduce your water use immediately. 

  • Essential water use only.

  • There is a complete ban on any outdoor water use (includes use of sprinklers, hoses, drip lines, irrigation systems, water toys like slip n' slides).

    Essential water use
    means that you may only use water for drinking, food preparation, hygiene and sanitary purposes (includes washing clothes and taking showers).  Essential use outside means water may be used for activities like firefighting and emergency clean ups.

Under Level Four Restrictions:

  • No filling of swimming pools (includes portable or paddling pools).
  • No outdoor cleaning (cars and property).
  • The only permitted way to water your garden at alert level 4 is to use collected rain water and/or to use greywater from inside your home.