DC Tynan Trust

About the fund

Established for the purpose of making disbursements from a very generous bequest made to the former Te Kuiti Borough Council by the late Daniel Circuit Tynan.

The funds primary objective is to support community organisations within the Te Kūiti Urban Ward that are involved in the delivery or support of social, cultural, educational or recreational activities.

Funding is available for organisations located within the Te Kuiti Urban Ward. 

Priority will be given to projects of a capital nature. Organisations can only apply for funding once every three years.


Examples of expenses that are eligible for funding include;

Buildings and/or redevelopment of childcare, holiday and after school programmes, equipment, furniture, materials, supervision, training/education and transport.


Information required with your application:

  • Detailed proposal and supporting quotes or cost estimates for requested funding
  • How much funding is required, how much you have in hand, and how the shortfall will be met
  • Who else has been asked, has given or is giving funds
  • Financial Accounts
  • Deposit Slip


Decision Process
Applications are considered approximately three weeks after the application closing date. You can expect to receive notification of the result within the 4 weeks following the decision. 


Once the project is complete, an accountability form must be completed to confirm how the grant was spent.


How to apply
Applications closed on 1 August 2023

For more information, call us on  (07) 878 0800.