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Water Advisory Notice - Mokau and Awakino communities

11 Mar 2014, 9:00 AM

WDC received a complaint about the color of the treated water on 28 February 2014.

An investigation was made to try and identify the cause. As a result WDC identified a partial mechanical failure in a part of the equipment used at the Mokau Water Treatment Plant as the cause. This problem was rectified by evening of Thursday 6th March 2014 and the reticulation network was flushed as much as was possible given the very limited available water supply storage.

On Sunday night 9th March 2014 another piece of mechanical equipment failed.

The equipment was repaired by lunch time on Monday 10th March and the Water Treatment Plan is now fully operational.

However while the equipment was under repair, the treated water produced by the plant was not processed through the filtration part of the water treatment system. The treated water was however fully disinfected.  WDC testing over time confirms that sufficient residual chlorine exists in the water supply to provide adequate disinfection.

The purpose of this Advisory Notice is to suggest that, if there is any ongoing concern that the water was only partially been processed through the treatment system then you might consider boiling any water for drinking before consumption. In that case water should be boiled for one minute and then cooled prior to consumption.

The discolored water problem developed due to the very low level of the raw water storage dams. Regrettably that has impacted on water quality water. The very high demand over the recent Taranaki Anniversary weekend exacerbated the situation.

The additional raw water storage dam currently under construction should reduce the risk of this happening again in future.  

Waitomo District Council apologises for inconvenience this may have caused.