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Waitomo District Council adopts Annual Plan 2016/2017

5 Jul 2016, 11:40 AM

Council adopted its Annual Plan 2016/17 on Tuesday 28 June.

WDC publicly invited community and stakeholder feedback on the proposals set out in the Draft Annual Plan for 2016/17, from 15 April to 13 May 2016.

During this period an Elected Members session was held on the 18 May at the Te Kuiti Railway Station building (3).

Two items of feedback were received on the Draft Annual Plan.

No audit of the proposals for the 2016/17 Annual Plan was carried out by Council’s Auditors, as there are no significant changes in the Plan to what was contained in the Long Term Plan for the 2016/17 year.


Council intends to continue progress in its focus areas of Community Connectivity and Development, Economic Development, and Good Asset Stewardship; within a financially prudent and sustainable manner. This will involve progressing some projects planned and set out in the LTP 2015-25 and investigations in some other areas in line with making progress towards the outcomes set out by Council.

The key initiatives planned for 2016/17 are:

  • Facilitation of the Retirement Housing project development
  • Investigation of new Campground in Te Kuiti
  • Concept plan development for Timber Trail Marketing
  • Complete the Te Kuiti Railway Station Buildings project (majority of which will be completed by the end of the 2015/16 year)
  • Support Digital advancement of the District
  • Support implementation of the Waitomo Village Structure Plan
  • Complete the planned phases of the Te Kuiti Water Treatment Plant project
  • Sealing of Maraeroa Road



The rates revenue requirement in the 2016/17 EAP is $19.06 million, an overall average 2.85% rates increase over the current year, however, it is 1.1% less than the forecast contained in the LTP 2015-25.

The Cost of Service Statement illustrates that Council’s planned Net Operating Expenditure for the 2016/17 Annual Plan is 5.3% lower than the forecast contained in the LTP 2015-25.

Cost of Service Statement for All Council
LTP 2016/17
EAP 2016/17


Total Operating Income




26,793 Total Operating Expenditure 27,642 27,592 (50)
 15,672 Net Operating Expenditure   17,042  16,141  (901)
 13,901 Total Capital Expenditure   10,034  12,341  2,307
 29,528 Total Net Expenditure  27,076  28,482  1,406
  Funded By       
 (5,591) Internal Loans Drawn  (2,587)  (4,220)  (1,633)
 (5,409) Reserves   (5,221)  (5,206)  15
 (18,528) General Rates, UAGC and Service Charges  (19,268)  (19,056)  212
 (29,528) Total Funding   (27,076)  (28,482)  (1,406)


The external public debt at the end of the 2016/17 year is forecast to be $2.66 million less than the forecast contained in the LTP 2015-25. The graph below illustrates the favourable trend in debt reduction. 

Forecast External Public Debt Profile 2016 2017 Annual Plan

The following graph illustrates the Reserves balances as forecast in the LTP for 2016/17 and the forecast in the Annual Plan once again demonstrating a positive trend of reserve balances being higher than forecast. 

Reserves Graph 2016 2017 Annual Plan

The Annual Plan forecast for the Reserves balances is a $1.44 million increase over the LTP forecast for 2016/17.