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Dog Control Policy and Practices Report to 30 June 2018

30 Aug 2018, 2:19 PM

The Dog Control Act 1996 requires Waitomo District Council to report annually on their Dog Control Policy and Practices.

The report sets out a range of statistics to provide an indication of the makeup of the District's dog population and an indication of the local administration of the provision and responsibilities of the Dog Control Act.

Council adopted the Waitomo Dog Control Policy and Practices Report for 2017/18 at the Council meeting held on Tuesday 31 July 2018.

The following provides key information and statistics on the dog control activity.


The total number of active dogs on WDC’s register at the end of the 2017/18 registration year was 3468, down from 3590 in 2016/17, a decrease of 122 dogs.

This year the statistics show a slight decrease in impounding’s from the previous year. There have been 185 dogs impounded (204 last year), with 85 dogs returned to their owner, 44 dogs euthanized, and 56 re-homed.

The dog owners of impounded dogs are required to pay an impounding fee, as well as registration fees if the dog is unregistered, plus micro-chipping fees if applicable. In addition, sustenance fees are charged for each day the dog is in the pound.

Microchipping continues to be a key focus. It is noted that the Act requires dogs being registered for the first time to be chipped within two months of registration (with herding dogs exempt from the requirement), and classified dangerous and menacing dogs are also required to be microchipped.


WDC received 426 dog control related complaints that required action:

  • 277 related to wandering dogs (314 last year)
  • 40 related to barking dogs (93 last year). 
  • 37 complaints related to attacks, rushing and/or aggressive dog incidents.

51 infringement notices (103 last year) had been issued and have since either been paid by the owner, or sent to the District Court. A further 14 infringements were issued, but were subsequently cancelled.

The infringement notices were issued as follows:

  • One for wilful obstruction of officer  
  • Two for breach of section 33EC(1) (failure to comply with menacing dog classification)
  • 32 for breach of Section 42 (non-registration)
  • 16 for breach of Section 52(a) (failure to confine), and breach of Section 53(1) (failure to control)

There was one prosecution undertaken by the NZ Police with assistance from WDC during this period. The owner pleaded guilty on 30 May 2018 in the Te Kuiti District Court to the charge of owning two dogs that attacked stock. The owner was subsequently convicted and ordered to pay reparation; and was disqualified for owning any dogs for five years.  

Click here to view the full report on Waitomo District Council Dog Control Policy and Practices 2017 - 2018.