Motakiora/Brook Park top section closed until further notice
For health and safety reasons, Waitomo District Council has closed the top section of Motakiora/ Brook Park for ALL recreational use until further notice.
As a result of the weekend’s heavy rainfall event, a section of track to the summit is hazardous and a large slip has taken out part of the mountain bike track, which is also popular with walkers.
There is risk of further multiple slips and damage if the rain continues.
The rotunda and toilet is still accessible, however we urge residents and users to exercise caution if entering this area.
Signage advising of the closure will be erected onsite soon. Please do not venture into the red zone.
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Waitomo District's Waste Plan adopted by Council

2 Jul 2018, 12:00 PM

Council has adopted the 2018 Solid Waste (Asset) Management and Minimisation Plan (SWaMMP), which sets out the delivery of Waitomo District Council's waste management services for the period 2018-2028.

Council started the review of the SWaMMP earlier this year to determine the best way to manage waste, with the overall aim of reducing waste going to landfill.

The SWaMMP addresses recycling, collection, and disposal of waste, use of Council provided facilities, litter bin use, education and waste management for events.

Public consultation on a proposed SWaMMP took place between 5 April 2018 and 4 May 2018. A total of 50 submissions were received that specifically relate to the matters under consultation.

Public feedback did not support the Mokau/Awakino Transfer Station relocation proposal. Some key points raised in opposition include the inability to address significant amenity value issues, and that the transfer station location was not a solution for the solid waste issues in Mokau.

The Awakino transfer station is very under-utilised. WDC considers that the location of the Transfer station (an approximate 15km round trip from Mokau village) is inconvenient for some and could be one of the reasons for the continued illegal dumping of rubbish at the public litter station located on North Road Mokau, and the widespread misuse of street litter bins.

In response, Council agreed to not relocate the transfer station to Mokau.

The identified solid waste issues in Mokau will be addressed using a multi-pronged approach including:

  • Better signage.
  • Reassessment of the transfer station opening hours.
  • Clearance frequencies of the street litter bins.
  • Identification of options for the un-consented green waste disposal site.
  • And an increased focus on public education and promotion of waste minimisation efforts such as recycling, composting and reducing food waste.

Council will also carry out minor works throughout the District’s waste disposal sites and transfer stations such as improved safety features and presentation of transfer stations; a review of the district's recycling facilities; and improve recycling options at events.  97 percent of submissions showed strong support for this proposal.