Palm trees on Lawrence Street to be removed

21 Sep 2021, 9:16 AM

Waitomo District Council will soon remove three palm trees on Lawrence Street in Te Kuiti which have become a health and safety hazard for local residents nearby.

WDC Infrastructure Manager Tony Hale says Council has received several complaints about the trees, ranging from dropped nuts and leaves making it difficult to mow lawns, to pigeon droppings from roosting birds creating an unhygienic environment and rats nesting in the trees.

“The trees have grown too big for their location and have become a safety and maintenance issue for Council. They are obstructing clear visibility for drivers using the Lawrence Street intersection and are a health and safety hazard for landowners and those using the footpath,” says Tony.

“It is more cost effective for Council to remove these trees than to maintain them, so the best option is for them to be removed.”

The trees are not a native species and do not appear on any historic or significant tree list.

The trees will be felled next week.