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Waitomo District Council achieves all its customer satisfaction performance targets

28 Sep 2021, 12:14 PM

Results from Waitomo District Council’s recent residents’ survey has confirmed the majority of respondents are satisfied with Council’s performance and service delivery.

Council has also achieved all its customer satisfaction performance targets for the 2020/21 financial year.

Each year WDC undertakes a survey to gauge opinions on the services and facilities they deliver, measuring satisfaction against performance targets for the financial year.

Chief Executive Chris Ryan says it’s important we understand the community’s opinions on how we’ve gone over the last year.

“We deliver a number of services and facilities and this helps capture how we’re tracking.

“Overall there is a high level of satisfaction with Council’s services. We would like to thank residents for taking the time to participate in our survey.”

The survey measures satisfaction across 23 different areas, including roading, water, emergency management, customer services, animal control, council facilities and council communications. 

Twelve of the 23 areas increased in satisfaction including council communications, building control services, the standard of public footpaths, and pool facilities and service.

The areas the community were most satisfied were the provision of waste management facilities, library facilities and service, and the Les Munro Centre.

“We know that our services and facilities play a vital part in our residents’ lives so it’s important we do our best to get it right with the resources we have,” says Chris.

“Our staff work hard to meet the expectations of the community with limited budgets, so it’s pleasing to see their efforts have been recognised.”

The survey also identified areas for improvement within the Council.

“All feedback is important. It identifies where we need to focus our efforts, and where there is scope for improvement in the eyes of the community this can be factored into WDC’s planning for future service levels.”

The survey was conducted by Versus Research on behalf of WDC, during June and July. A total of 422 residents took part in the survey, of which 81% are ratepayers.

WDC’s financial and non-financial (activity) performance will be reported on through the Annual Report for the financial year 2020/21. Council will receive the Annual Report at the October monthly Council meeting. The full Annual Report and a Summary Report will be made available to the public on our website.

Read the full report (PDF 801 KB)