Motakiora/Brook Park top section closed until further notice
For health and safety reasons, Waitomo District Council has closed the top section of Motakiora/ Brook Park for ALL recreational use until further notice.
As a result of the weekend’s heavy rainfall event, a section of track to the summit is hazardous and a large slip has taken out part of the mountain bike track, which is also popular with walkers.
There is risk of further multiple slips and damage if the rain continues.
The rotunda and toilet is still accessible, however we urge residents and users to exercise caution if entering this area.
Signage advising of the closure will be erected onsite soon. Please do not venture into the red zone.
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Rural Councillor acknowledged for her dedication to the community

15 Jun 2022, 4:10 PM


Waitomo District Councillor Sue Smith has been acknowledged for her dedication and service to the community, following her resignation as a Rural Ward Councillor last month.

Councillor Smith tendered her resignation at the Council Meeting on 31 May 2022, as she has now moved out of the Waitomo District, and no longer felt she could provide the necessary commitment to the role.   

Councillor Smith served four terms on the Waitomo District Council, initially one term being the 2007-2010 triennium and then consecutive trienniums for the period 2013–2022.

Councillor Smith was elected as a Rural Ward Councillor and had the responsibility for the Rural Northwest of the Waitomo District for liaison purposes, which included representation at all committee activities requiring Council attendance, attending all community events in the area and being Council’s “point of contact” for that area.

Councillor Smith’s representation included, but was not limited to the following organisations:

  • Marokopa Recreation Ground Committee
  • Rural Halls – Waitomo/Te Anga
  • Waitomo Caves Museum
  • Tere Waitomo Community Trust
  • Maraes and Regional Management Committees


Councillor Smith also represented Waitomo District Council on various Waikato Regional Council Committees relative to the West Coast area.

Waitomo Mayor John Robertson said Councillor Smith was a well-loved and highly respected member of the community who always advocated for the people.

“I’d would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Sue for her years of diligent service to the Waitomo District and its communities, and we wish her every success in future.”

Due to the upcoming Local Government elections in October, a by-election will not be required.