Increase in cost of Official Refuse Bag

3 Jun 2022, 5:44 PM

When it comes to disposing of your rubbish, have you ever wondered about the cost involved, and what happens to your waste once it leaves your property?

Providing and operating a solid waste service and landfill in our district is expensive and most Councils throughout the country have moved away from owning and operating their own landfills.

Our district is very lucky to still have one.

Due to the increasing costs to operate a solid waste service and landfill, and the increasing charges imposed by Central Government, the cost of purchasing an official blue rubbish bag will increase to $4.50 on 1 July.

The cost of an official rubbish bag may seem like a lot of money, but there are many factors that determine the price.

To help people better understand, we have created an educational video which helps explain the cost factors involved and why the blue bag cost needs to increase.

Watch it here