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Get ready before Cyclone Gabrielle arrives

11 Feb 2023, 10:33 AM

Get ready before Cyclone Gabrielle arrives


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is urging people to get ready as Cyclone Gabrielle approaches.

Cyclone Gabrielle is tracking towards Aotearoa New Zealand and is expected to bring strong winds, heavy rain and large swells from Sunday 12 February onwards.

“Cyclone Gabrielle has the potential to cause significant impacts, including for communities still cleaning up after the last fortnight’s severe weather,” says the Civil Defence Emergency Management Director Roger Ball.

“There’s still some uncertainty about the track Gabrielle will take as it passes by Aotearoa New Zealand, but we expect to see impacts from this cyclone from Sunday starting in Northland and spreading to other parts of northern and central New Zealand early next week.

“Now is the time to take action to get your whānau and your household ready.

“This means preparing for the possibility of power cuts and road closures. It’s also a good idea to have a grab bag in case you need to evacuate. If you don’t have a household emergency plan, sit down and have a prep talk with your family and friends about what you’ll do to support each other in an emergency.

“If you can, take some time to prepare your whare for high winds and heavy rain. Clear gutters, report blocked drains or culverts to your local authority and secure any loose items, including flood-damaged items awaiting disposal.

“Stay safe by staying out of harm’s way. Try and run any important errands before the weather hits so you won’t need to do any non-essential travel in treacherous conditions.”

Mr Ball says NEMA’s National Co-ordination Centre is activated, and NEMA staff are working to support Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups and co-ordinate whatever assistance impacted regions need.


Storm tips:

  • Keep up to date with MetService weather forecasts.
  • Have grab bags ready for everyone in your family. These should include short term essential supplies such as medications, snacks, water, torches, pet food, and baby formula (if needed).
  • Remove any debris or loose items from around your property and tie down heavy outdoor objects. If you have a trampoline, turn it upside down to minimise the surface area exposed to wind.
  • Clear debris and leaves from external drains and gutters to prevent overflow or water damage in heavy rain.
  • Check on your neighbours and anyone who might need your help.
  • Power cuts could affect EFTPOS and ATM machines and cause internet outages, so make sure you have some cash at home or food and water to last 3 days, and a battery powered radio to stay informed.

Visit https://getready.govt.nz/en/emergency/storms/ for more information about how to get ready for severe weather.

Local Civil Defence information will be issued by your local Civil Defence Emergency Management Group. To find yours, visit www.civildefence.govt.nz/find-your-civil-defence-group/

For the latest weather information, visit www.metservice.com