Council Policies support Council's strategic direction as outlined in the current Long Term and Annual Plan.

Standing Orders - 29 November 2022 (PDF 735 KB)
Council Lease Policy (PDF 145 KB)
The Lease Policy outlines how leases are to be managed, determines standard rental rates, and who pays the outgoings, and establishes a Community Lease Grant for eligible organisations leasing WDC land or buildings.
Citizens Awards Policy (PDF 91 KB)
The purpose of this Policy is to provide a clear statement on Council’s commitment in recognising the significant contributions that individuals make to the achievement of improved community well-being and positive community outcomes of the district.
Governance Statement (PDF 501 KB)
This document describes Council's role, responsibilities and obligations under The Local Government Act 2002.


Code of Conduct (PDF 198 KB)


This code sets out the modes and standards of behaviour that Councillors agree to comply with as an elected member of the Waitomo District Council.


Policy on Elected Members Allowances and Recovery of Expenses (PDF 220 KB)  
This policy sets out rules on the claiming of expenses by elected members and the resources that will be available to them during their term of office.
Dog Control Policy (PDF 983 KB)


This policy details Council's approach to controlling dogs so that people can enjoy the benefits of dog wonerhsip without adversly affecting other members of the community. 

Policy on Gambling Venues (PDF 264 KB)


This policy details Council's approach to controlling the number, nature and location of gambling venues within the District as required by the Gambling Act 2003. 

Community and Partnerships Fund Policy (PDF 263 KB)


The purpose of this policy is to establish funding policies and principles, which form the basis for the provision of funding grants to assist organisations and funding partners who provide projects, activities, services and facilities that benefit communities within the Waitomo District.  

Policy on Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings (PDF 328 KB)


This policy sets out Council's response to the policy requirements in terms of the Building Act 2004 in relation to dangerous and insanitary buildings. 

Policy on Local Easter Sunday Trading (PDF 647 KB)
This Policy is made under Part 2 (subpart 1) of the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 (“theAct”) which provides Council with the ability to establish a local policy to permit shops to open on Easter Sunday.
Revenue and Financing Policy (PDF 2.07 MB)


The purpose of this policy is to clearly and transparently demonstrate how and why each Activity of Council is funded.


Rates Remission Policy (including Remissions and Postponements of Rates on Maori Freehold Land) 2022 (PDF 401 KB)



This policy details Council's approach to determining the remission or postponement of rates including those rates on freehold Maori land. 

Use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (Drones) Policy (PDF 772 KB)
This policy provides guidance on the use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (“RPAS”) on or over Waitomo District Council (Council) property and facilities and to manage safety risks.
Policy on Significance and Engagement (PDF 914 KB)


This policy details Council's approach to determining the significance of a proposal or decisions and sets out the criteria and general procedure Council will use.


Treasury Policy (PDF 313 KB)


This policy incorporates Council’s Investment and Liability Management Policies and details Council’s principles of prudent financial management and risk mitigation strategies as they relate to liability management.


Policy on Appointment of Directors to Council Controlled Organisations (PDF 555 KB)


This policy details Council's approach to the appointment of directors of subsidiary companies, Local Authority Trading Enterprises (LATE) or companies in which WDC has appointment rights.


Local Alcohol Policy (PDF 236 KB)


The revised Waitomo District Council Local Alcohol Policy was adopted on 1 September 2022.

Procurement Policy (PDF 301 KB)

The Procurement Policy has been prepared to ensure WDC procurement is made in a robust, transparent way and reflects generally recognised, good practice standards for the Local Government sector.

Procurement Water Reform Plan (PDF 75 KB)

The purpose of this document is to outline Waitomo District Council’s procurement activity in response to the Water Reform Programme (Programme), Funding Agreement and Delivery Plan.

Policy on Community Organisations Insurance Arrangements through Council (PDF 226 KB)

Code of Conduct - 29 November 2022 (PDF 279 KB)