Getting connected in your community

Are you wanting to access the internet but do not have an internet connection at home?

The following community based groups and businesses offer computer access, internet training/ courses and services.


51 King Street West, Te Kuiti

 Contact: Sheryl Baker

Phone Number: 07 878 6200


Te Kuiti Campus
Private Bag 3036
Phone: 0800 294 6832

Te Wananga O Aotearoa

37 Taupiri Street, Te Kuiti

Phone: 07-878 6555


201 Rora Street, Te Kuiti

Phone: 07-878 7759

Waitomo District Library


28 Taupiri Street, Te Kuiti

Phone/ Fax: 07-878 1028
Email: [email protected]


The following is information about service providers, broadband and/ or calling packages for residential and business customers.

Contact the service providers directly or visit their website to find out more about broadband coverage in your area of the Waitomo district.

Fixed-line broadband (Copper)

Broadband delivered over the copper network at higher frequencies than voice. This is better than dial-up and you get to use the phone while on the internet. However, the main limitation with copper is your distance from the exchange or cabinet - the further away you are, the weaker the signal. for phone/broadband packages to check whether you can get fixed-wire broadband at your place.


Wireless broadband uses a wireless connection between the nearest wireless broadband transmitter and a wireless broadband modem that connects to your computer. It uses radio waves travelling from a transmission tower to a receiver in your property and operates a separate network to the mobile phone network.

Wireless Dynamics/ PC Soft - locally owned and operated. Phone 0800 003 441

Litewire Phone 0800 121 314

Vodafone Phone 0800 800 021


Satellite beams emitted are picked up by a satellite dish installed at your property.

Farmside Phone 0800 Farmside (32 76 74)

Wireless Nation Phone 0800 101 143


With fibre optics or Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB), information is carried faster than ever before. You can use multiple devices accessing rich media like online TV and movies, without slowing down. Fibre also doesn't degrade over distance like copper does so no matter how near or far you are from the exchange, you'll get the same speed.

Fibre is being rolled out gradually across New Zealand. 

What can affect broadband speeds?

If you are frustrated with the speed of your broadband connection, then you are not alone. When exploring different options for delivering broadband to your business or household keep in mind:

  • Time of day - peak demand times mean slower download/ upload speeds.
  • Your broadband speed will vary depending on a number of factors including NZ and overseas networks, your modem and computer technology including WiFi capability, internal home wiring, other environmental factors, and how many other people are using it at the time. Uploads and downloads count towards your monthly allowance.
  • Older modems won't deliver faster speeds. Check with your internet service provider to confirm if your modem is up to the job.
  • Broadband plan - check your provider for what your data allowance is under your current plan. You may need to boost the data if you have many members in your household using the internet. Many service providers charge an excess fee per gigabite used over and above the limit of the plan.
  • Hardware and software - older computers affect broadband performance. Regularly update your internet browser, clean out old software, delete cookies and internet browser history, update security software.
  • Using a Wi-Fi router can affect broadband speed, especially if your computer or device is far from the router and walls are in the way.