Green waste service is now available

24 Jul 2012, 10:44 AM

From the 1 June 2012, Waitomo District Council is trialling a green waste service at the Piopio Transfer Station for a six (6) month period.

The facility will accept for a small charge - grasses, leaves, weeds and tree branches up to approx 400mm in diameter.

Waitomo District Council conducts an annual Resident Satisfaction Survey for the delivery of its services and results from the 2011 Survey showed one of the main concerns raised by residents was there was no recycling facilities for green waste at any rural transfer stations. Improving on this result is one of the key actions planned by Waitomo District Council through the Solid Waste Management and Minimisation 2012-2015 Plan (SWaMMP).

Although we encourage residents to undertake home composting, in many cases households do not have a home composting process in place so by providing a green waste service, WDC encourages residents of the Piopio area to dispose of the green waste in an environmentally safe manner.

A similar facility was trialled at the Waitomo District Landfill and over the last year has received 330 tonnes of green waste all of which was made into mulch making the service a great success. The mulch is available for sale from the Landfill.

For further information about the trial of the Green Waste Service at Piopio Transfer Station, please contact Liz Riley, Leader – Solid Waste.

Freephone 0800 932 4357, Email: [email protected]