Te Kuiti waste water treatment plant

10 Dec 2013, 2:00 PM

During this time of year there is a large duck and swan population that congregates in Te Kuiti and they settle on any water body that is available. The ponds at the Te Kuiti Wastewater Treatment Plant are no exception. These ducks and swans can become a nuisance by invading nearby farmland, damaging crops and can cause the spread of infectious diseases.Te Kuiti Wastewater Treatment Plant

In conjunction with Fish & Game, who have agreed to the use of an acoustic deterrent device, Council will trial a programme to use a gas powered booming machine to discourage the ducks and swans from populating the pond. This will start in the morning and end in the afternoon to minimise any annoyance to the residents of Te Kuiti. The loud bang created by the device may be heard randomly but should not cause concern, as it is harmless. The machines will be switched off overnight and on weekends.

The duck control programme will stop at the end of March, and begin again at the end of November each year.