Weather Warning for Waitomo
Waitomo District is expecting a significant amount of rainfall over the next few days. Once again, this will likely have a major impact on our roads and farmland. We ask residents to please take caution and do not venture out into the weather if you do not need to. And if possible, move stock to higher ground.
Surface flooding and excess water may also slow the drainage of the stormwater and wastewater network. We are not expecting any significant impact to the network, water will just take a little longer to drain.
We will keep you updated as information comes to hand.
Stay safe.

Time limited parking in Te Kuiti CBD

27 Nov 2015, 1:58 PM

In Te Kuiti there has historically been a relaxed approach to time limited parking with business owners, staff and the general public parking their vehicles in the CBD for extended periods of time. 

We want to support the commercial viability of our businesses by ensuring residents and visitors to Te Kuiti have readily available and accessible parking.  

To achieve this we will be monitoring parking activity in the Te Kuiti CBD and enforcing the time restricted parking regulations as outlined in WDC’s Land Transport Bylaw 2010.

The following time restricted parking arrangements are applicable between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm on any day except Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays:

  • The railway side of Rora Street, between Ward Street and Awakino Road: parking limited to 120 minutes;

  • The shop side of Rora Street, between Lawrence Street and Alexandra Street: parking limited to 60 minutes;

  • Sheridan Street, between Rora Street and Taupiri Street: parking limited to 60 minutes; and

  • King Street East, between Rora Street and Taupiri Street: parking limited to 60 minutes.

We are taking a planned and staged approach to inform the community about the time limited parking in Te Kuiti. New signs will be erected shortly advising the public of the parking restrictions.  WDC’s Regulatory staff will be meeting with business owners directly.

Click here to view map of CBD (JPG 1015 KB)