Restoration of Railway Station Building 1 reaches second phase of project

24 Jun 2016, 9:21 AM

The final stage of Waitomo District Council’s Railway Station Restoration Project commenced in April this year after the completion and official opening of Buildings 2 and 3 in October 2015.

The internal refurbishment of Building 1 and the structural linking of that building with the Te Kuiti Visitor Information Centre is the final building stage of the overall project to create a vibrant hub for the community.

WDC's Contractor has completed the demolition phase. Internal restoration andInterior restoration of Railway Station Building 1 is underway electrical work is now underway.

The construction of a new ramp and entranceway will provide access into Building 1 from the Plaza area. In addition to this, a ramp and entranceway will be constructed within the premises providing a link from the rear of the Visitor Information Centre into the railway building.

Building 1 has required structural strengthening work which involved the installation of steel portals and concrete foundation works.

WDC will have the ability to provide some services from the completed Visitor Information Centre.

Construction of access ramp to Railway Station Building 1 is underway