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Waikato civil defence group HQ relocating to fit-for-purpose facility

30 Jun 2016

Waikato civil defence’s Hamilton base is due to shift to a new, fit-for-purpose facility next year.

The Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Emergency Management Office (GEMO) will transfer to a state of the art facility on the corner of Bryce and Tristram St.

The move has been endorsed by the group’s joint committee and Waikato Regional Council, which provides support for the group.

The GEMO will have a six-year renewable lease within the new Genesis Energy Building that has high-class “building importance level 4” standards that would help ensure the civil defence HQ can keep operating in any disaster.

“The GEMO is currently housed in rented premises in Victoria St and will move temporarily to Hamilton East before settling into the Genesis Energy facility in August 2017,” said group controller Lee Hazlewood.

“Our new facility will help us further with delivering a great service to the people of our region when it comes to preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters.”

The group is made up of regional and local councils, emergency services and other stakeholders.

The GEMO provides a range of services, including the co-ordination of civil defence responses in a major disaster.