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Local roading network under constant strain since Cyclone Dovi

13 Jul 2022, 10:10 AM



The effects of Cyclone Dovi are still being felt across the Waitomo District, with the local roading network continuing to suffer greatly.

Since the February cyclone, several other weather events have continued to impact rural roads with slips and stability issues an ongoing challenge for Waitomo District Council’s roading department.

General Manager Infrastructure Services, Shyamal Ram says roading staff and contractors seem to be in a vicious cycle where no sooner have they cleared a road from slips and flooding debris, when another weather event wreaks havoc, causing further damage.

“Roading crews have been working tirelessly for several months clearing slips and stabilising roads, only to be hit with another weather event.”

After Cycle Dovi hit, WDC implemented a three-phase approach to reinstate local affected roads, and were in the process of moving into phase 3, however the plan has since reverted back to phase 1.

Phase 1 – Clearing and opening roads where it is safe to do so

Phase 2 – Cleaning and disposing slip materials left on roadsides

Phase 3 – Designing and constructing remedial options.

“The latest major rain event on June 2 has meant that we had to essentially restart at phase 1 and phase 2 for some of our original Cyclone Dovi sites,” says Shyamal.

As a result, Council’s maintenance programme has fallen slightly behind as crews have been diverted to clear up slips, fallen debris and flooding.

Shyamal says it is not an ideal situation, but Council is doing everything it can to ensure roads are as safe as they possibly can be for users.

“The most critical slips have been assessed and tested by the geotechnical team and they are currently working through their recommended options,” he says.

“Some sites will be reassessed following the rain and construction of some of the smaller sites will begin in the coming weeks and months.”

Waka Kotahi has approved the joint funding of $703,000.00 for the initial response, with further clean-up costs of $322,000 also approved to investigate and design remedial options for the top six sites.

Waka Kotahi fund 75% of all works associated with the storm event up to approximately $1,100,000.00, at which point the funding limits change to cover 95% of the associated costs.

The roading construction programme has not been affected to date.


Current Status of local roads:


Closed: Taumatatotara West Road (private alternative access via Coutts Road); View Terrace (recommended for residents only)

Partially Open (active slips requiring speed restrictions and/or partial closure): Te Anga Road, Taharoa Road, View Terrace, Whakapirau Road, Marokopa Road, Mangatoa Road, Waipuna Road, Pomarangai Road, Mangaokewa Road, Mapara Road, Pungarehu Road, Ramaroa Road, Speedies Road, Te Waitere Road, Oparure Road, Fullerton Road, Rangitoto Road, Mangaotaki Road, Mokauiti, Ohura Road, Mapara South Road, Tapuwae Road, Takiri Road, Kohua Road, Ramaroa Road, Pukerimu Road, Gribbon Road, Papakauri Road, Taumatamaire Road.


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