Roading Network Updates



On Tuesday 14 June, the heavy rainfall also caused a large under slip on State Highway 3, south of Awakau Road in the Awakino Gorge, causing damage to the road pavement as well as nearby guardrails, fences and drainage.  The area is currently under traffic light stop/go with delays of approximately 5-10 minutes and roading crews are monitoring the site 24/7 to ensure the safety of road users.  

17 June 2022 - 1pm UPDATE

Slump and cracking sites have been made safe with temporary repairs or the placement of traffic management. Roads include Oparure, Fullerton, Rangitoto, Mangaotaki, Kent, Paekaka, Speedies, Patoto, Aria, Tumutumu, Maraetaua, Mangaorongo Roads.

Slip sites that are still being cleaned up - Te Anga, Taharoa, Marokopa, Mangatoa, Manganui, Soundy, Pomarangai, Mokauiti, Ohura, Mapara South, Tapuwae, Mangaokewa, Mangarino, Takiri, Kohua, Waitahi, Ramaroa, Pukerimu, Gribbon, Papakauri, Taumatamaire Roads.


15 June 2022
Our roading crew is currently clearing the slip blocking Pungarehu Road 
14 June 2022 - 11.15am UPDATE

The weather is keeping our roading crew very busy. Crews are continuing with the clean up of slips, trees and washouts on Te Anga, Taharoa, Marokopa, Mangatoa, Soundy, Pomarangai, Aria, Totoro, Mokauiti, Mapara South, Tapuwae, Mangaokewa and Mangarino Roads.

We are continuing to receive information from the public (via our Service Request system) and also from onsite inspections. Crews are also being notified of any new issues that require urgent attention.


10 June 2022  - 11.15am UPDATE

Roading crews continue to clean up slips to make safe for all our road users. However, constant rainfall continues to be challenge with sites needing to be cleared again. 

Please take extreme care while driving in our District – especially Te Anga, Taharoa, Marokopa, Mangatoa, Manganui, Aria, Waitahi Roads.


6 June 2022 -  11.30am UPDATE

The majority of the main slips were cleared on Friday and roads were kept open to one lane. The priority was to make sites safe, especially for the long weekend. One crew worked on Saturday morning on Mangatoa Road to continue what couldn’t be cleared on Friday.

Roading crews are currently checking and cleaning sites on Te Anga, Taharoa, Marokopa and Mangatoa Roads.


3 June 2022 -  1.15pm UPDATE
Inframax crews continue to clean up Marokopa Road, but this may take all weekend due to the continuous rain.
Parts of the road are still flooded, and high tide could be a problem, which may prove difficult for light vehicles trying to navigate through the flooded areas.
Please drive carefully in this area, be aware of the road conditions, and don’t venture out if you don’t need to.

3 June 2022 - 11am UPDATE

Roading crews are continuing to clear slips and blocked culverts on Marokopa, Mangatoa, Te Anga, Taharoa, Te Waitere, Kawhia Harbour Roads. These were opened to one lane yesterday.

Flooding is also forcing some minor lane closures due to rising rivers/streams/tide.

 Other roads affected with flooding and small slips are Waimiha, Mangaiti, Aria, and Pukerimu.

Please drive carefully and be aware of the road conditions.


3 June 2022 - 9.15am UPDATE
Marokopa Road is currently open, however clean up is still taking place. Please drive safely if in this area and be mindful of the Inframax crews.

2 June 2022 - 3.45pm update

An Inframax crew is currently assessing the impact of the flooding and will work on clearing the road. However for safety reasons, this cannot be fully undertaken while the flood waters are still rising.
2 June 2022 - 3pm:
Council is aware the road to Marokopa and Te Anga has flooded and is currently impassable.
Our roading department staff are currently responding. We will keep you updated as information comes to hand.
Please stay safe on our roads and do not venture out if you do not need to.
2 June 2022 - 2.30pm:
Taumatatotara West Road has been physically closed off due to on-going safety concerns. An alternative access off Coutts Road has been provided for residents, workers, contractors and emergency vehicles.
Please do not try to access this road. Thank you for your understanding.
Monday 22 November 2021 - 9am
With the warmer weather now upon us, Council's roading contractors will be starting the first portion of the annual road resurfacing programme this week.
Phase one of Waitomo’s resealing programme will see almost 9km of roads being resealed at 15 different sites, including urban and rural sealed roads. The resealing is necessary to restore the condition of the sealed road surface of some of the older seal coats, in much the same way that a house needs to be repainted every few years. The average life of a seal coat in our district, is approximately 11 years.
The largest lengths of resealing will be on Ramaroa Road off State Highway 4 at 2.3km, followed by Totoro Road at 1.4km.
The resealing programme will kickstart tomorrow (23 November) with urban roads, which will include Matai, Eketone, Ailsa, Alexandra, Gladstone, Grey, Hinerangi, John and Julian Streets in Te Kuiti and Tui and Kea Streets in Piopio.
Other roads include Somerville, Hangatiki East and Marokopa Roads.
There will be more resurfacing undertaken, post-Christmas - we will keep you updated of our programme.
The work will be undertaken by Higgins as Inframax Construction Ltd’s sealing subcontractor.


Thursday 1 July 2021 - 3pm

HAUTURU ROAD: One lane is closed on Hauturu Road, Te Anga, about 500m from Te Anga Road, due to a slip. Please take care. An orange netting fence will be erected to provide further visual warning to road users. Repairing this will not be a quick fix.


Wednesday 31 March 2021 - 4pm

  • WAITOMO CAVES (SH37): Road closure on Waitomo Caves Road (State Highway 37) due to a fallen tree blocking the road . The detour route is via SH3, Oparure Road and Fullerton Road.
  • MAIROA: Mairoa Road, Piopio is closed due to a slip blocking the road between house numbers 971 - 1010 Mairoa Road. The detour is via Mangaotaki Road or SH3 and Oparure Road.


Monday 10 August 2020

  • TE KUITI: Road closure on Princes St between Bayne St and King St West due to water works. A detour in place via King St West, John St and South Street, or King St West, Tawhana St and Queen St.
  • There is also stop/go traffic control in place this morning on Liverpool St due to work being carried out by The Lines Company.

Monday 3 August 2020

Here is a list of the road works in the District for this week

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Here is a full list (PDF 340 KB) of road works in the District for this week

Monday 22 June 2020

Here is a full list (PDF 336 KB) of road works for this week

Tuesday 9 June 2020

Here is a full list of road works on Waitomo District Roads

Tuesday 2 June 2020

From 2nd of June, Veloce and Chorus will be working in the Piopio township area installing Fibre optic cables underground.  They are starting in Kaka and Kawana Streets. Keep an eye out for our daily updates. (PDF 347 KB)

Wednesday 29 May 2020

See attached PDF for a full list of road works on Waitomo District Roads. (PDF 346 KB)

Wednesday 27 May 2020

A portion of Taupiri St, from Sheridan St to South End Loop in Te Kuiti will be closed for the morning of Wednesday 27 May 2020 for urgent road repairs. The detour route is via Rora St and King St East (or via Esplanade and King St East).

Wednesday 20 May 2020

See attached PDF for full list of road works on Waitomo District Roads. (PDF 336 KB)

Wednesday 13 May 2020

A portion of Taupiri St, from Sheridan St to South End Loop in Te Kuiti will be closed for the afternoon of Wednesday 13 May 2020 for urgent road repairs. The detour route is via Rora St and King St East (or via Esplanade and King St East).

Thursday 30 April 2020

Logging Contractors will be working on Te Waitere Road on Thursday 30 April 2020 and Friday 31 April 2020.