Temporary road closures and traffic management

Activities on roads must be planned in a way that maintains everyone's safety and minimises disruption, delay or inconvenience to road users. 

Traffic management needs to be considered where an event disrupts the normal flow of traffic or pedestrian access, e.g. parades, marches, filming, markets, community, school, sporting or church events and building and construction work. 

If you are planning an event that requires some or all of a local road to be closed temporarily, contact us to discuss your needs. It is in your best interests to contact us as soon as possible. We will provide you with guidance to ensure you comply with traffic management plan requirements.

Why do I need to apply for a temporary road closure?

You are required under the Local Government Act 1974, sections 11(a) – 11(e), and the Local Government Act 2002 and/or Transport Regulations 1965, to request permission from Waitomo District Council, to temporarily close a road.

  • Closing the road without an approved traffic management plan (TMP) and approved temporary road closure application is illegal, and may result in a fine being imposed.
  • You must engage a qualified site traffic management supervisor (STMS) to create your traffic management plan.

How to I apply for a temporary road closure?

To apply, you will need to download the road closure application form from our website or collect one from our Queen Street Office. Complete the required details including the name of your organisation, phone number, and the type of activity you are proposing.

  • If the information you submit is incomplete, or does not provide the level of detail required, there will be delays in processing your application.

Your application should be made at least 62 days prior to the event date, to allow us time to publish the intention to close a public road (known as a 'proposed road closure') and allow time for objections to be received in response to that intention.

For work or events near or on state highways, you will need to contact the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) to gain their consent. 

What else you need to do

Applicants/ event organisers are responsible for:

  • Informing the Police and meeting any requirements for approval from the Police.
  • Consultation with businesses and residents affected by the road closure or traffic management plan (such as emergency services, transport services and the public).
  • Signposting and policing of the roads to be affected (such as marshals wearing appropriate clothing such as fluorescent or identifiable vests or t-shirts).
  • Arranging the delivery, setup and manning of all road closure barriers before and during the event and their removal immediately following the event.
  • Taping of gateways at the time of closure and the removal afterwards.
  • Removal of rubbish resulting from the event. See our Event Waste Management Guide.
  • Public indemnity coverage.
  • Health and safety provision.

We may also need to approve the format, size, location and quantity of signs before they are manufactured and erected. Signage requirements will vary depending on the impact and size of the event. Information relating to signs must be included in the Traffic Management Plan.

What we will do

After receiving your application for a temporary road closure, we will:

  • Assess your application.
  • Liaise with you on any issues that may arise.
  • Publish public notices regarding the temporary road closure and disruption to traffic.
  • Manage submissions and hearings involving your application.
  • Notify you the result of your application. 
  • Inspect the roads prior to and after the event.
  • Monitor the event to ensure compliance with the TMP.

Public safety is our highest priority, so we aim to work with you to ensure your event is safe and successful.