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Water restrictions introduced as summer approaches

15 Dec 2023, 2:42 PM

Piopio township will move to Alert Level Three water restrictions from Monday 18 December 2023, while the rest of Waitomo District will move to Alert Level One.

At Alert Level Three, residents must take all practical steps to reduce their water use. No sprinklers can be used and irrigation systems should be switched off, with prioritising watering fruit and vegetables only.

Moving to Water Alert Level One means sprinklers must only be used between 6am to 8am and 6pm to 8pm daily, while hand-held hosing can still be done at any time.

General Manager Infrastructure Services, Shyamal Ram says a number of factors are considered before water alert levels are put in place.

“Despite the heavy rainfall the Waitomo district has endured this year, it is predicted to be a dry hot summer, which means increased demand on water supply.

“Our waters team are continuously monitoring our water supply levels across the district and have indicated that moving early will help prolong the supply.”

Shyamal says if we are more mindful of conserving our water even in the earlier stages of the dry season, it will help create habits that will make a difference when water conservation is needed most.

“We need to ensure we are using water sustainably, particularly when it comes to outdoor water use. Now is also a good time to address any leaks, turn off taps, and make other small changes to be mindful about how you use your water.

“Making small behaviour changes such as taking your lawnmower blade up a notch, using a trigger gun on your hose instead of a sprinkler, taking a four-minute shower and turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, can save litres of water over time.”