WDC Notices

14 Sep 2017

Tender for Removal

Old Benneydale Public Toilet Facility

Waitomo District Council commissioned a new public toilet facility in Benneydale on 25 August 2017.  The old facility is now available for removal by tender as is where is.  The facility is a concrete structure approximately 25-30 years old.  The successful tenderer will be responsible for the removal and all associated costs and WDC accepts no responsibility should the structure fail during removal.

Please submit your tender in writing by 22 September 2017.  

Email [email protected] or post to WDC, P O Box 404, Te Kuiti 3941.  Please mark it attention: Tender for Removal - Benneydale Toilet.

Please contact our friendly Customer Services Team on 0800 932 4357 for further assistance.

Right to demand a poll - Electoral System for 2019 Triennial Elections

Notice is given under section 28 (1) of the Local Electoral Act 2001, that the electors of the Waitomo District Council have the right to demand a poll on the electoral system to be used for the 2019 triennial elections of the Waitomo District Council. The choice is between the First Past the Post (FPP) and the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral systems. 

Council gave consideration to the electoral system at its meeting on 29 August 2017, and decided to maintain status quo (FPP) for the 2019 elections. Unless a poll of electors determines otherwise, the FPP electoral system will continue to be used for the election of the Waitomo District Council.

A valid demand for a poll must be:

  • Made by notice in writing to Chris Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Waitomo District Council.
  • Signed by at least 5 percent of the number of electors enrolled as eligible to vote at the 2016 triennial election of the Waitomo District Council.
  • Delivered to the office of the Waitomo District Council, Queen Street, Te Kuiti, no later than 21 February 2018.

The name of the elector must appear on the electoral roll of the Waitomo District Council territorial authority, or be included in the most recently published electoral roll for any electoral district under the Electoral Act 1993, or be currently the subject of a direction by the Chief Registrar in relation to unpublished names. The address for which the elector is registered as a parliamentary elector must be within the local government area of the Waitomo District. The elector may also be enrolled or nominated as a ratepayer elector and qualified to vote as a ratepayer elector in the Waitomo District.

Every elector who signs a demand must provide their full name and the address for which they are qualified as an elector of the Waitomo District Council.