Heavy Rain Watch - What you need to know

Metservice NZ has issued a Heavy Rain Watch for the Waikato region, in place from 2am–3pm, Wednesday 1 February.

Given the large amount of rainfall that our district has experienced over the past few days, we are urging residents to continue to take care and stay aware of the conditions in their area. Further rainfall could quickly exacerbate existing slips, river levels and produce further flooding quite quickly.

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Notice of bird control programme - Te Kūiti Wastewater Treatment Plant

2 Dec 2022, 9:32 AM

During this time of year there is a large duck and swan population that congregates on the ponds at the Te Kūiti Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The ponds are an undesirable habitat for waterfowl because of the immediate risk to bird health from avian botulism, and the risk of disease transmittal to nearby farmland. 

As part of our Resource Consent, Council will soon commence its annual programme using an acoustic deterrent device, to discourage the waterfowl from populating the ponds at the Te Kūiti Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The loud bang created by the device may be heard randomly but should not cause concern, as it is harmless.

The device will not be used overnight and on weekends.

If you have any queries, problems or concerns that we should be made aware of, please contact 0800 932 4357 – our call centre is available 24/7.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.