Upcoming overnight road closure: Mangarino Road, Te Kūiti – 19 July 2024

A temporary road closure will be in place on Mangarino Road, Te KÅ«iti from 9am Friday 19 July until 9am the following morning 20 July. The road closure is to allow maintenance work on the Mangarino Road Bridge. More info

Severe Weather information and updates

13 Feb 2022, 3:39 PM

13 February 2022
A big shout out and "thank you" to our amazing roading crews, who have been working around the clock to clear the damage to our local roads. They have been determined to clear debris and large slips, only to find more (pictured).
Three digger crews have been working on Mangatoa Rd, Te Anga Rd, Taharoa Rd, Whakapirau Rd and will concentrate opening them up as best they can and safely.
Many thanks also to local residents and contractors who have offered to help.
Please stay safe and don't venture out if you don't need to.
12 February 2022
ROAD CLOSURES: Due to the severe weather overnight, there are several slips, floods and road closures throughout the district.
Our roading crew have been working hard all night to assess the damage and clear the roads as much as possible.
This will take some time so please be patient and drive safe if you need to head out.
The following roads are closed:
Te Anga Road
Taumatatotara East Road
Taumatatotara West Road
Mangatoa Road
Pomarangi Road
State Highway 30 (section by Mangaokewa Reserve)
State Highway 4 (section by Tikitiki Road)
We will keep you updated.
Thank you for your understanding.
Due to the Mangaokewa Stream level being extremely high, it is impacting our waste water system in Te Kuiti. You may notice this when flushing the toilet. Staff are addressing this, however, this will likely continue until the water level recedes.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Please ensure your tamariki are safe at home do not allow them to go swimming in the Mangaokewa Stream, or jump off the bridges.
With high water levels and fast currents, the stream is unpredictable and therefore unsafe to swim in as it may have hidden debris from the recent extreme weather.