Operative Waitomo District Plan

Welcome to the Operative Waitomo District Plan. Waitomo District Council is required to prepare a District Plan under the Resource Management Act 1991.

The District Plan is the primary document that manages land use and development within our territorial boundaries. It contains objectives, policies and rules that may affect you if you are proposing to subdivide or develop land.

There are two ways to search the District Plan.

The district plan snapshot allows you to enter the address (or Valuation Number) of a property to find information such as the site’s legal description and size, its zoning, associated policy areas (if any), and any special features such as archaeological sites, heritage or cultural sites. You will be able to see a map of the site. It also links you to the zone chapter text and to the district wide rules which cover matters such as car parking requirements, noise standards, and subdivision.

The district plan text shows the full district plan chapter by chapter. When you open a chapter or section of the district plan you can search on any word using the ‘find’ command in your web browser.

District Plan Snapshot

Click the link below to use the district plan snapshot. Enter the property Address or Valuation Number into the search box to see a map of the site and the specific rules that apply to the property or proposed activities:

Operative District Plan Snapshot

District Plan Text

The full text of the district plan is set out chapter by chapter below:

  • Part Two

8-Residential zone (PDF 317 KB)

  9-Business zone (PDF 173 KB)
  10-Industrial zone (PDF 180 KB)
  11-Rural zone (PDF 677 KB)
  12-Landscape Policy Area (PDF 339 KB)
  13-Special Industrial Activities (PDF 144 KB)
  14-Conservation Zone (PDF 341 KB)
  14A-Te Maika Zone (PDF 387 KB)
  • Part Three

15-Network Utilities (PDF 390 KB)

  16-Roads and Vehicular Access (PDF 308 KB)
  17-Hazardous Substances and Contaminated Land (PDF 461 KB)
  18-Air Quality (PDF 152 KB)
  19-Signs (PDF 159 KB)
  20-Noise (PDF 421 KB)
  21-Heritage Resources (PDF 482 KB)
  22-Surface of Water (PDF 154 KB)
  23-Designated Works (PDF 393 KB)
  24-Landscaping (PDF 113 KB)
  25-Financial Contributions and Esplanade Reserves (PDF 290 KB)
  26-Subdivision (PDF 255 KB)
  27-Natural Hazards (PDF 256 KB)
  28-Definitions (PDF 243 KB)

Appendix 10 - Statutory Acknowledgement Areas - Ngati Tuwharetoa (PDF 1.15 MB)

Appendix 11 - Statutory Acknowledgement Areas - Maraeroa A and B Blocks (PDF 11.1 MB)

Appendix 12 - Statutory Acknowledgement Areas - Raukawa (PDF 507 KB)

Appendix 13 - Statutory Acknowledgement Areas - Ngati Maniapoto (PDF 3.8 MB)

Updates to the Operative Waitomo District Plan

Sometimes we have to update or amend the District Plan. This might happen when we add a designation, need to correct a minor error or if changes are made to the Resource Management Act 1991.

If you are interested in the updates we have made, you can click here to see them: