Agrichemical Application

WDC is responsible for managing and maintaining large areas of streetscape, sportsfields, and park and reserve land.   As part of this work we use agrichemicals to control pest plant species, insects and fungus.   All work is carried out by our qualified applicators and we follow best-practice methods for use of these products in public spaces, to ensure the safety of our staff and the public. 

We are continuing to explore opportunities to use control methods which don't rely on agrichemicals.

No Spray Register

Residents living adjacent to the Council maintained public spaces may register their properties as a “No-Spray” property.  Applicants for No-Spray areas will be required to maintain their boundaries to control all unwanted weeds to the standard required by WDC.  Application forms to register as a “No-Spray” property may be collected from the Customer Services desk, Queen Street Te Kuiti, or download a form here (PDF 150 KB), sign and return to WDC.

For more information or phone us on 0800 932 4357.